donderdag, mei 31, 2018

Joel Shapiro

Joel Shapiro’s studio, 2014.

Joel Shapiro’s studio hums with activities guided by his ideas. It spans two floors of a brick building that used to supply electricity to trolleys. On the day I visited, the top studio looked like a giant exhibition area with many, many models – some leaning against walls, some mounted on tables, some suspended – chattering to each other and showing off their brightly-painted parts. The white horizontal files, small power tools, paint, and supply areas neatly bordered the vast art space with a library and archive in an adjoining space.

On the first floor, several assistants and larger power tools were concentrated in one work area, and in the center was a small supply of wood beams, mostly spruce, and larger sculpture in progress. Another area held a suspended, torqued, curving board, an installation model for a show at Rice University in Houston (now past), and an architectural model of a gallery space for an upcoming show.
On the top floor of the studio is a small dining and living area with a stunning view of the Queensboro Bridge. As I walk back to the subway on noisy, truck-jammed streets past mostly windowless and/or rundown industrial spaces, the contrast is striking. Shapiro’s workplace was an oasis of ideas, colors, light, movement, and open space."
(bron: International Sculpture Center)

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