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Judy Pfaff

Judy Pfaff's studio, 2010. (bron: Look.Learn.Collect.)

Judy Pfaff’s studio, Tivoli, New York, 2014.

When Pfaff found her Tivoli studio, this former apple orchard had both flooded and burned. The standing structures needed roofs, floors, doors, windows, and other major building and infrastructure construction. As a child growing up in war-torn England and a predominantly African American neighborhood in Detroit, Pfaff created her own art fantasy worlds. She has deftly fashioned the insides of prior studios in rundown industrial parts of Brooklyn and Kingston, New York. Her Thanksgiving eviction (the building was sold) from the Kingston riverside studio in 2001 gave her little time to move. Tivoli became her greatest reconstruction challenge.
Judy deftly guides me through the studio complex: a huge tool shed/machine shop, a framing room, a drawing room (my favorite), the East and West sculpture studios, and the indoor garden dominated by a giant Monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant); nearby, a Selenicereus grandiflorus (night-blooming Cereus), which blooms only once a year, is about to open! Among the exotics, in off the asphalt, a six-foot length of mossy earth has tall weeds growing out of it.

The huge archival reconstruction room with classic early sculpture is at the northern end of the building, and the archival data and giant Epson Printer room is more central. The Shaker room with its extra-large dinner table, book-lined shelves, and antique storage drawers leads to a guest bedroom complete with a regal mosquito net, antique dresser, skylight, and windows on all sides. We end up in the kitchen, next to a homey bathroom, its shower area framed by a giant boulder. Out the kitchen door is a lush garden with hollyhocks, lacinato and broad-leafed kale, giant tomatoes, two kinds of basil, thyme, and much more. All work areas are huge (each bigger than most city studios); the overall studio complex has two levels, and colorful woven rugs brighten the poured concrete floors. Many rooms have colored skylights and industrial sized doors for easily moving things in and out.
(bron: International Sculpture Center)

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