28 mei 2018

Joseph Beuys #6

Desk with large photograph of the "Fluxus" performance of 1964.

Russian religious icon surrounded by photographs of a 20th-century cultural icon, Elvis Presley.

Large blackboard with "The end of capitalism in 939 days" statement and small sleeping cot in the corner with performance jeans above.

General view of the studio/workshop.

Dusseldorf Academy of Art, main hallway leading to the Beuys studio.

Ground zero for Duchesnay’s connection of the two is 1984. In October of that year, Duchesnay had arranged a meeting with Beuys in his Düsseldorf Academy of Art studio that, as it turned out, went awry when he arrived to find that Beuys had cancelled due to illness. Still, Duchesnay was granted permission to photograph the artist’s empty studio, resulting in a fascinating series of images that reveal the inner workings and variable inspirations—including Elvis Presley—of a visionary mind.
(bron: Canadian Art, foto's: Robert Duchesnay)

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