dinsdag, februari 02, 2016

Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret

Dagnan-Bouveret Working on Tracing Drawings for “Breton Women at a Pardon." ca. 1887.

Photo of the artist painting 'The Pardon in Brittany', ca. 1887.

"Les Bretonnes au Pardon" ("Breton Women at a Pardon"), 1887. (collectie: Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon)

Photo Dagnan-Bouveret made in preparation for “Les Bretonnes au Pardon" (“Breton Women at a Pardon"). He began to make this painting in the summer of 1887 while in Ormoy, France. He'd taken a photograph of a church in the distance and pictured in the foreground of the photo is a male figure with a handkerchief on his head - the same location where one of the Breton women sits in the final painting. Dagnan-Bouveret worked in an outdoor tent where he compiled numerous preliminary drawings on tracing paper, pastel drawings and oil sketches. He made drawings on tracing paper in order that they might be modified and enlarged for the final composition. (bron: The Conservatory for Classical Art)

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