woensdag, februari 03, 2016

Stephen Chambers

Stephen Chambers: My studio life

“I’ve been in this studio in Clapton for three years now. It’s a very eccentric building – it used to be a clothing sweat shop – but it has north-facing windows, which is always good for an artist. Before that, I worked next door for 19 years – it was a squalid health hazard but it was fantastically cheap.”

“One of the things I became aware of when I moved up here was colour – the subtleties of greys, for example, that I simply couldn’t see before.”

“It might look a mess, but each shelf is colour-coded!”

“And this is where the admin happens…”

“Normally I get here soon after eight in the morning. Originally, I used to try and get out the house before the children could ask me for a lift to school! Now, it’s ingrained and I’m here every day – I forget how to make work if I don’t do it. ” (bron: The Royal Academy of Arts, foto's: Eamonn McCabe(?))

> Stephen Chambers

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