woensdag, februari 03, 2016

Ellen Altfest

Ellen Altfest in her studio.

“I like to be surrounded—almost cocooned in what I’m doing.”

“When I’m using a model I have to be really conscientious about who I choose to work with because we’ll spend six months or more together. This time—the guy was a musician. We got along well. ”

“I used pins to help me map out the images otherwise it would be impossible to pick up where I left off. At the end, I paint them out”

“The detail level on these garments is amazing but the heads were bothering me —I cut them off.”

“I only work in natural light, so in the summer, I can work for longer, but, in winter, I’m limited to short days.”

“I was looking for a very specific kind of studio space. I needed certain windows, certain light. I spotted this place while biking around.” (bron: W Magazine, foto's: Vincent Dilio)

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