dinsdag, februari 02, 2016

David Altmejd #4

“Different parts of the studio are specialized. There’s a woodshop, there’s a space where we make the sculptures, a place to paint. It’s necessary to have a plan.”

“When I do site-specific projects, I always visit the space. This show involved so much work that I needed to be able to visualize the layout.”

“I think mistakes are part of the process. My work is not predesigned. I like when an object doesn’t look controlled. It makes it look more alive. It has its own will, its own intelligence, its own sexuality. “

“When I’m making something, I’m not just trying to make an object but something that I’m going to be able to eventually use as a resource for the next work. I want it to generate its own ideas.”

David Altmejd's studio, 2015(?).

"With its towering Styrofoam giants, boxes of glass eyeballs, and plastic fruit pyramids, artist David Altmejd’s light-filled studio in Long Island City, New York, resembles a mad scientist’s lab. Informed by his background in biology, Altmejd’s space is a reflection of his work, which engages nature’s complex systems and structures through sculpture." (bron: W Magazine, foto's Vincent Dilio)

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