dinsdag, februari 04, 2020

MEKANE: Enzo Cucchi

Enzo Cucchi: Arco Votivo, 2012.

Enzo Cucchi: Stele, 2009.


"Mekane was founded in 1987 by Riccardo Buzzanca, its sole administrator. Riccardo Buzzanca attended Artistic High School and then the College of Architecture in Rome. He approached theatre quite soon, working for Garinei and Giovannini, as assistant set designer of architect Giulio Coltellacci, participating in construction projects for theatre and cinema. Then, on his own, he founded Mekane, a well-established company in the field of theatre and movie sets, ranging through the most various ramifications: from staging grand opera and theatre, to national and international cinema, from museum exhibits and mountings, to architectural projects in the world of art in general, including design."
(bron: MEKANE)

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