donderdag, februari 06, 2020

April Gornik, Eric Fischl

Exterior, front.

Library from below.

Library interior.

Living room and library.

Living room windows with view of front yard.

Living area.

Dining Room.

Rear exterior with lower level outdoor dining area.

Exterior, back.
April Gornik and Eric Fischl's home and studio's, designed by architect Lee H. Skolnick.

"Artists’ Studio and Residence, North Haven, NY.

This artists’ studio and residence is a compound designed around the needs of two prominent artists whose work lives and home lives are intensely intermingled, and who were looking for a retreat where they could enjoy privacy in their daily regimen.

The arrangement of living and working spaces forms a spiral of levels which also act as the circulation pattern for the entire compound. This path is accompanied by waterways and cascades which link interior and exterior spaces and help define places of movement and spaces of repose. The ultimate place of solitude and reflection is the glass library, suspended above the living room, and thrusting through the wall of the house to hover over a hidden pond."
(bron: Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership, foto's: Robert Polidori)

"The home architect Lee H. Skolnick designed for April Gornik and Eric Fischl sits on five acres of serene woodland, with separate studios for both artists occupying the front of the structure and the living areas set further back."
(bron: cottages&gardens, foto's: Peter Murdock)

> April Gornik
> Eric Fischl

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