zondag, februari 09, 2020

Fernando Botero #5

Fernando Botero's Manhattan home and art studio.

"Renowned artist Fernando Botero has owned his 2,123-square-foot duplex at 900 Park Avenue since the 1980s but the time has come for him to part ways with the expansive home. For years, Botero utilized the Upper East Side pad as a pied-a-terre as he split his time between New York and Europe but as the 85-year-old Colombian-born artist, whose works include the enormous “Adam” sculpture inside of the Time Warner Center, has gotten older, he finds himself traveling to New York less and has decided to list the home for $6 million.

The 22nd floor spread is actually a combination of two apartments, one that Botero purchased in 1980 and a neighboring unit that he acquired in 1989. The space was features designs from architect Juan Montoya and offers two bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a large open space that has functioned as Botero’s art studio (or a “creative space,” as the broker lingo describes it)."
(bron: BelOrizon en Curbed New York)

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