14 maart 2019

Raymond Pettibon #6

Raymond Pettibon in his SoHo studio, 2017.

A good start is a stroll through the studio, which is positively littered with drawings in various states of completion. There are a lot of books lining the walls too, some holding down the corners of drawings lying on the floor. Serious art criticism, volumes of Romantic poetry and comics are all part of the literary mix.

There’s a basketball hoop and backboard, since Pettibon loves to play the sport, though he’s blown out his knee doing it. On a high shelf is a series of paintings by other people, from thrift-store finds to works by Henry Rollins and the Big Eyes artist, Margaret Keane.
(bron: Cultured, foto: Jason Schmidt)

Raymond Pettibon in zijn studio, 2017. (bron: Bonnefantenmuseum, foto: George Etheredge)

Raymond Pettibon in his studio, 2017.

Pettibon’s studio exudes a certain ‘ransacked by the DEA’ appeal. Dirty socks, weathered LPs, pulp novels, surf magazines and vintage baseball mitts and bats share floor space with his dachshund mutt, Barely Noble.

Strewn haphazardly about his worktable are newspapers, tubes of paint, lidless ink pots, pages torn from a John Keats biography, loose CDs, an open bottle of rosé and a half-eaten slice of pizza, all of which sit precariously close to or atop valuable half-finished drawings.
He is an avid sports fan. Above the kitchenette hangs a poster of John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg. Deeper in the studio, presumably where the serious work takes place, portraits of baseball players Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig do a sort of face-off.

“We can hit some balls,” says Pettibon.
...."(bron: Huck, foto's: Bryan Derballa)

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