11 maart 2019

Frank Auerbach #13

Frank Auerbach's studio, before remodelling.

Section perspective.


View from the balcony.

The studio is a small - approximately 16 foot cube - with north-facing window and skylight, no insulation, no telephone, and only a cold tap. I knew about Frank's dedication to work; he was at his studio every day and had been there for 38 years. The studio itself had been pictured in more than one of his catalogues: walls and floors vovered in mounts (Alps) of paint, the result of building up thick layers of paint and than scraping much of it off at the end of the day. It seemed a relic of a lifetime of painting, and the last thing I wanted to do was to be responsible for interrupting the flow.
The kitchen and bathroom were designed like a yacht interior, clinging against the south wall, with a precipitous stair leading to the balcony. I kept it as simple as I could, only indulging in a little elaboration around a rail at balcony level, (but allowing discreet peeps through the little square openings at handrail height).

Frank had marked on the floor the position of the chair on which his models sat. I was worried that the insinuation of the kitchen in the background would change the context of the portraits. But frank assured me that this would be no problem, and I am amused to find the line of the new radiator or the kitchen counter in the background of post remoddeling portrats.
(uit: Artist's Studios van M.J. Long, bron: Amazon)

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