04 april 2018

Jeff Wall #4

Jeff Wall Studio 1.

"The extensive conversion of a 2 level, 500m2 existing warehouse building in East Vancouver to accommodate the artists administration, digital production and printing, storage, and fabrication activities. Although consisting of almost entirely new construction, the studio maintains an unobtrusive presence in the existing neighbourhood."

Jeff Wall Studio 2.

"A new 600m2 studio building in an industrial district of Vancouver designed to accommodate a wide range of the artists activities, from the principal use of photography, to fabrication, construction, storage, and shipping. The 9m high main working space is lit by a evenly balanced & precisely adjustable combination of natural & artificial light, supported with the highest standard of passive & active environmental controls to ensure optimal energy efficiency. In a note from the artist, "I’ve been working steadily in the place since we have moved in and it is first-rate"."
(bron: david saik studio, foto's: Martin Tessler)

"Located in Vancouver East Side, this 600 sq.m. production studio building accommodates a range of the artist’s activity, including fabricating works to staging productions and photographing large scale sets. The clearly articulated grey masonry structure contains loading, shipping and storage areas on two levels, servicing a meticulously detailed 9m high clear space lit by a combination of carefully balanced artificial light and natural light, provided by three roof mounted light shaft elements. The roof structure is of acoustic steel deck on exposed wide flange steel beams, providing a single clear span across the full width of the building to create the required clear open space studio beneath."
(bron: Equilibrium)

In the studio with Canadian artist Jeff Wall, Vancouver, BC. (bron en foto's: Albert Law)

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