dinsdag, april 03, 2018

Jeff Koons #4

Jeff Koons, studio, 2014.

The painting section of Koons’s studio, where assistants work on canvases for his “Antiquity” series. Paintings are stippled in sections and then hand-painted. To achieve his vision, Koons employs 128 people at his studio: 64 in the painting department, 44 in the sculpture department, 10 in the digital department, and 10 in administration. That’s to say nothing of the specialists, fabricators, and institutions he consults, including most recently M.I.T.’s Center for Bits and Atoms
(bron: Vanity Fair, foto: Annie Leibovitz))

Jeff Koons with YI participants in his studio, July 2014. (bron: Whitney Museum of American Art, foto's: Filip Wolak)

Jeff Koons photographed in his New York studio, 2016. (bron: Christie's)

Jeff Koons in his studio. (bron: artnet)

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