donderdag, april 05, 2018

Jack Tworkov

30 Commercial Street, 1976. (foto: Josephine Del Deo)

30 Commercial Street, Provincetown. (foto's: David W. Dunlap)

"This was the summer home and studio of Jack Tworkov
He bought this house in 1958 and added a studio. Tworkov’s students included Jennifer Bartlett, Jonathan Borofsky and Richard Serra.
(bron: Building Provincetown)

Portriat of Jack Tworkov, Provincetown, 1964. (foto's: Arnold Newman)

Portriat of Jack Tworkov, Provincetown, 1973. (foto: Arnold Newman)

Portrait of Jack Tworkov, Provincetown, 1974. (foto: Howard Wise)

Jack Tworkov in his Provincetown Studio, 1981. (foto's: Renate Ponsold)
(bron: Jack Tworkow)

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