woensdag, november 11, 2015

Tauba Auerbach

Tauba Auerbach speaks with Education Committee members in her studio in Bushwick, April 2010.

A stack of canvases “curing” in Auerbach’s studio.

Education Committee members look on as Auerbach demonstrates the process for her “shatter” paintings.

"On April 30, the Whitney Education Committee traveled to Bushwick, Brooklyn to visit 2010 artist Tauba Auerbach's studio.

Auerbach enthusiastically described how she creates her fold paintings which are currently on view in the Biennial. The artist explained how she folds and rolls raw canvases, lets them "cure," and then unfolds them and applies a thin layer of paint to the surface with a spray gun. She repeats this process several times on each canvas in order to create a surface that looks three-dimensional but is completely flat.

The artist also showed several of her ongoing projects, including her beautiful and meticulously detailed "shatter" paintings. To make them, Auerbach starts with a wood panel and then lays a sheet of glass and cardboard on top. She then breaks the glass with a hammer, lifts off the cardboard, and spray paints the spaces under each piece of shattered glass in tones of black and white." (bron: Whitney Museum of American Art, foto's: Eileen Farrell)

> Tauba Auerbach

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