vrijdag, november 06, 2015

Winslow Homer #3

Winslow Homer Studio at Prouts Neck, Maine, exterior view from southeast, 2012.

Winslow Homer Studio, exterior view from northeast, 2012.

Winslow Homer Studio, parlor, 2012. (foto's: Trent Bell)

Winslow Homer Studio at Prouts Neck, Maine, aerial view, 2010.

"In 1884, midway through a successful career that earned him acclaim as one of America’s most original artists, Winslow Homer moved from New York City to Prouts Neck, a small peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic about 12 miles south of Portland, Maine. He hired John Calvin Stevens, a Portland architect and leading proponent of the Shingle Style, to convert a carriage house into his residence and studio. One of the most distinctive features of the Homer Studio is a second-story balcony, “the piazza,” from which the artist enjoyed panoramic vistas of the ocean and coastline. While Homer traveled frequently, this rustic wooden structure served as his primary home and workspace until his death in 1910." (bron: Historic Artists' Homes & Studios)

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