woensdag, november 11, 2015

Tauba Auerbach #2

Tauba Auerbach in her studio, New York.

"Tauba Auerbach’s work is innovative in that it marries mathematics with artisanal craftsmanship. The artist is known for relying on systems and patterns (she invented a code that reorders the letters in the King James Bible into alphabetical sequences), as well as designing jewelry, clothing, and dozens of peculiar fonts. Her Brooklyn studio is replete with what looks like science experiments in light and color. Visible behind a contemplative Auerbach are the beginnings of spray-painted works similar to what she has shown at Bergen Kunsthall and MoMA in recent years. In those pieces, she used spray paint to showcase the entire RGB spectrum within very tight parameters."

A selection of Tauba Auerbach–designed typography hangs on her studio wall. (bron: Architectural Digest)

(bron: Yves Stohr, foto's: Max Farago)

> Tauba Auerbach

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