donderdag, november 05, 2015

John Henry Twachtman

John Henry Twachtman: My Summer Studio, ca 1900. (collectie: The Phillips Collection)

John Henry Twachtman Studio in 1913.

"Renowned American painter John Henry Twachtman (1853-1902) spent the last years of his life depicting Gloucester scenes. In this photo, his studio is called the Grace Hazen Studio, later that of O’Hara, with the Harbor View Hotel in the background."(bron: GoodMorningGloucester)

"The long-gone bronze plaque (above) commemorates oil painter Twachtman and his studio. The head of Wonson Cove is in the background. The photo on the top is the exterior, photographed in 1936, when it was Oharra’s 'Come See & Shop.'"(bron: GoodMorningGloucester)

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