25 februari 2019

Pierre Knop

Pierre Knop Studio. (bron: Pink Pagoda Studio)

Pierre Knop in his studio, Cologne, 2018.

PK: Frankly, I’m in the studio 24/7. Or try to be. I get up at 6:30am-7am. I regularly start with some meditation. The routine is to be as much as possible in that space and let it happen. As painting is not only a privilege or desire but also a form of personal self entertainment I choose to work all the time. This time creates the opportunity to bring all the images and stories in my head into reality. To use the canvas as a projected surface of my imagination. In terms of circumstances the work conditions change sometimes. But one thing never changes. I always work on several paintings at once and therefore I’m able to react by intuition or impulse. Another working condition is the atmosphere - partly there can be very loud music, or absolute silence. I assume the studio is a multifunctional and very intimate space. A laboratory where you have absolute freedom to create things without any external evaluation. You follow your own path. An apparently anachronistic location in order to an autonomy of rules or methods. A personal research space without authority but maximum responsibility.
(bron: Hunted Projects)

Artist's studio Pierre Knop. (bron: Gramha)

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