dinsdag, februari 05, 2019

Paweł Althamer #2

(bron: Piotr Brzoza Architekten, foto's: Piotr Brzoza)

(bron: blok, foto's: Rafał Żwirek)

Pawel Althamer: OWOW, 2018, Münsterhof, Zürich. Three temporary studios and shelters (with: Piotr Brzoza Architekten). (bron: Stadt Zürich, foto: Peter Baracchi)

At Münsterhof, Althamer built his studio for four weeks and worked there on a daily basis – alone, with other artists or with passers-by. He wanted to run a “temporary guild house of art”, a tribute to the three historic guilds Meise, Waag, Kämbel am Münsterhof. Althamer’s aim is to detach his artistic work from the isolation of the studio and to practice it as a communicative exchange with the urban environment. With this, the artist continues to develop the traditional urban function of the Münsterhof as a meeting place and place of communication. This is also the subject of OWOW, the title of his work: the short form of the Polish «Obszar Wspólny / Obszar Własny» (common area / own area) goes back to a well-known lecture series on nonverbal communication by Grzegorz Kowalski at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, where Althamer studied. The studio, which according to Althamer is the “heart of the artist”, becomes a freely accessible space in the Münsterhof, making art a joint act."
(bron: blok)

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