maandag, februari 04, 2019

Paula Rego #8

Paula Rego's north London studio, 2018.

Let’s begin here, in the studio itself. Can you tell us about your relationship with the space?

Since buying our house in London in 1963 I’ve had many studios. I worked from an upstairs room to start with and then a shed at the bottom of the garden. We'd spend every summer in Ericeira [in Portugal] where I worked in a large barn my grandfather had once used to make the wine. Once a barn owl flew in like the angel of death and a rat dropped from the rafters and splattered on the floor. I loved that studio. When we moved house, in London, I rented various places. I had a Space studio in Berry Street which had no windows and then one in Islington. The studio I have now I bought in 1993 from my stretcher-makers. The moment I walked in here I said, ‘This is it’, and I went straight to the bank. It’s the place I feel best in. It is where I belong.
(bron: Vogue)

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