20 november 2018

Michael Raedecker #3

Michael Raedecker in zijn atelier in Londen, 2015. Stills uit de aflevering van "Hollandse Meesters" van Frans Weisz. (bron video: YouTube)

Michael Raedecker’s studio, Hackney, London.

"n the process of urban gentrifcation, it is traditionally the artists who have to relocate to make way for commercially-minded developments and the moneyed middle classes. It famously happened in New York, when ‘yuppies’ took over the art hubs of SoHo and, later, the historical Lower East Side. And it has been slowly happening in London’s hip borough of Hackney since house prices soared several years ago, gradually pushing the area’s thriving creative communities further out to the east and north.

The latest project from architecture practice Matheson Whiteley proudly bucks this trend. Its client is a group of four London-based artists – David Noonan, Charles Avery, Michael Raedecker and 2015 Turner Prize-shortlisted Goshka Macuga – who were on the hunt for new workspace in Hackney. They soon realised that there were very few individual sites available in the area and that by pooling their resources they could buy a larger one and subdivide it. A ground-floor space within a mixed-use development from the early 2000s, a few moments from Homerton railway station, provided the perfect redevelopment opportunity.
Each occupying a slice of the project’s long footprint, the four properties now sit in a row, and have their own entrances.
Raedecker’s space comes next, featuring a continuous main studio and mezzanine space, linked by a new concrete staircase with a kitchen beneath. The mezzanine’s balustrade is fitted with a single, 5m-long piece of cross laminated timber used as a desk.
(bron: Wallpaper*, foto: Maris Mezulis)

(bron: Hollandse Meesters)

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