26 november 2018

Alexander Calder #9

l'Atelier Alexander Calder à Saché. (bron: flickr | put_the_needle_on_the_record)

Calder’s Le Chien en trois couleurs (1973) at the Atelier Calder in Saché. (bron: artnet, foto: Guillaume Blanc)

Alexander Calder standing outside his home next to several of his "stabile" structures. (bron: Google Art & Culture, foto Gjon Mili)

Alexander Calder in his studio, 1973. (bron: gettyimages)

Alexander Calder's studio. (bron: Google Art & Culture, foto Gjon Mili)

"Alexander Calder’s love for France began with his arrival in Paris in 1926 and lasted until his death in 1976. The artist lived and worked in Paris intermittently for seven years.
Yet despite the impact that Paris had on him, Calder settled later in his career in Saché, a small village near Tours, which had been introduced to him by his friend Jean Davidson. The renovation of Calder’s François Premier house on the banks of the Indre was completed in 1954, and the construction of the large studio he designed on a hilltop near the property was completed in 1963.

In Saché, Calder lived amidst nature from which he abstracted elements of form. The artist chose to construct his studio with raw materials in order to create a simple yet functional environment. With the assistance of an industrial ironworks, he was able to fabricate monumental outdoor sculpture, and he devoted much of his time to public commissions.
(bron: Atelier Calder)

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