20 september 2018

Robert Rauschenberg #18

Rauschenberg demonstrating the blueprint process for Life photojournalist Wallace Kirkland.

Rauschenberg and Susan Weil using peroxide solution to fix a blueprint image, January 1, 1951.

"In 1950 Rauschenberg and Susan Weil, newly married, rented a small walk-up apartment at 6 West 95th Street, New York that they also used as a studio. Weil was Rauschenberg's earliest collaborator; together in their tiny apartment they made their blueprints, in which they would take turns pressing their bodies and found objects against light-sensitive paper, exposing them with handheld lamps."
(bron: MoMA, foto's: Wallace Kirkland)

Zie ook de post van 2 december 2014 (hk).

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