05 september 2018

Frank Auerbach #9

Frank Auerbach in his north London studio. (bron: The Telegraph, foto: Laura Hynd)

"Frank Auerbach has worked in the same Camden studio for over 60 years. The space used to belong to fellow artist and friend, Leon Kossoff, and is where Auerbach still paints 365 days a year."
(bron: instagram/ordovasgallery)

Frank Auerbach in his studio in Camden Town. (bron: The Guardian, foto: Eamonn McCabe)

Zie ook de post van 18 januari 2013 en de post van 19 mei 2017 (hk).

Frank Auerbach photographed in his studio, 2009. (bron: Twitter/Marlborough Fine Art, foto: David Dawson)

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