09 juni 2017

Danny Fox

A visit to Danny Fox’s studio, London.

"After ascending the winding staircase into Cornish painter Danny Fox’s flat in Kentish Town, what immediately greets any viewer isn’t your standard living room, but countless giant paintings, stacked up against the walls. Overlooking the interweaving train lines of the London Underground system and accompanied solely by a pair of painted Grecian-inspired urns, a cacophony of paint, brushes and a small cooker; the color, imagery and texture of Fox’s paintings hold forth with a strength of presence that feels almost inimitable. Amidst what might seem like typical studio chaos, Fox calmly shifts his expansive canvases around the room, endlessly revealing works where storytelling and painting often meet, which Fox, unnecessarily humbly, never himself seems satisfied with.
(bron: purple.fr, foto: Bella Howard)

Danny Fox in the studio. (bron: Pink Pagoda Studio)

> Danny Fox

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