29 juni 2017

Bjarne Melgaard #3

Bjarne Melgaard in his studio, Bushwick, New York, 2017(?).

Known for being a relatively private man, whose occasional interviews are generally on the more succinct side, I was elated at an opportunity to go to Melgaard's studio on a recent rainy afternoon. Located at what seemed like your run-of-the-mill artist warehouse in Bushwick, I was more than shocked when I discovered that his studio occupied the entire 2 nd floor of the already enormous warehouse, feeling more like a creative factory than a singular artist's studio. Perhaps more shocking than its sheer size were the contents of the space; two-thirds of the few thousand square feet were filled with a sea of mannequins covered in paint, glitter, and other craft-like materials, donning some of the most peculiar outfits I'd ever seen.
(bron: Creators, foto's: Charlie Rubin)

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