dinsdag, mei 02, 2017

Chuck Webster

Chuck Webster in his studio. (bron: BOMB Magazine)

(bron: New American Paintings)

Chuck Webster, studio visit, 2012. (bron: A Space With)

Studio visit, 2012.

One of the paintings Chuck was working on took several turns while I was there. Witnessing this progression in real time made me hyper-aware of what kind of attention to the surface each panel is given. The results being vast areas of ethereal and diverse color fields, the kind only oil paint can make. At some points entire skins of paint where scratched or rubbed off with sprays of turpentine, while piles of paper towels collected on the floor to once again be swept away the next morning. It was an exciting and somewhat intense thing to watch, or listen to, or occasionally look up at — seeing sections of paint with their thick black borders, turn from white, back to green, back to white, then to a luscious very light blue with portions of startling red.
(bron: Pencil in the Studio)

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