woensdag, mei 03, 2017

Antony Gormley #6

The studio of Antony Gormley, London. (bron: David Chipperfield Architects)

Designed by award-winning architect David Chipperfield, Gormley’s London studio is 10,000 square feet, on a 14,000 square foot plot. The interaction between inside studio space and courtyard is critical; the slab that supports the studio and courtyard has 140 tons of steel in the concrete to make it strong, allowing works to be placed and worked on anywhere. The main studio space is where a team of assistants who follow close instructions refine and complete sculptures at different stages of completion, the work having begun in a smaller workshop, where ideas are tested and where bodywork begins, and where moulds for casts are taken. The scale and professionalism of Gormley’s studio harks back to traditional 'ateliers' or foundries, workshops that employed assistants and trained apprentices.
(bron tekst: studio international)

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