donderdag, maart 30, 2017

Raymond Cuijpers

Raymond Cuijpers in zijn atelier, Amsterdam, 2014.

"The front of my studio is stacked with paintings. The back part, facing north, is higher and through large windows the light is floating in. This part is my working space. When I look outside I see a large office building. The brick wall is covered with graffiti and pieces of concrete have come loose of the construction. I rarely look out on this side, maybe sometimes through the small window that I leave open for fresh air. When I bend my neck to the right, I can see an old Italian Poplar and sometimes a large barge in the canal, waiting for the bridge to open. The windows of the office building reflect the sunlight, thus creating geometrical shapes onto the canvas I am working on. Sometimes I imagine the building is not there and I can see a broad polder landscape, but as a matter of fact I don’t need a view." (bron: workandview)

Raymond Cuijpers' studio, 2013.

My first impression of Cuijpers' studio is that he needs more room
...." (bron: exposingARTS)

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