14 maart 2017

Elspeth Diederix #2

Elspeth Diederix in haar "Studio Garden".

Travel used to be a catalyst in my creative process – when you’re travelling you have time to really look at things, and you’re constantly seeing things for the first time. When you’re always surrounded by the same sights, you stop noticing the beauty of it all. But travel gets tricky with three kids, so I needed to find something else to trigger my curiosity, something that wouldn’t require leaving the country.
Turns out there was a whole new world waiting for me right in our own backyard!
...." (bron: Let it Grow)

Stills uit de video "Do it yourself met kunstenaars: fotograaf Elspeth Diederix". (bron video: YouTube)

> Elspeth Diederix
> The Studio Garden

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