woensdag, maart 29, 2017

Chantal Joffe

Chantal Joffe’s studio, London, 2016.

Joffe’s studio is every painter’s dream. Light floods in the huge windows, pastel works bursting with vibrant colour cover the floor on one side, books and reference material litter the desk and shelves, and piles of Michael Harding paint, brushes and pastels are heaped on the tables. A huge mirror, perfect for self-portraits reflects her works in progress, colourful paintings and drawings that line the walls.
...." (bron: cass art)

Chantal Joffe’s studio with paintings based on photographs by Max Vadukul. (foto's: Suki Dhanda)

(bron: W Magazine)

Chantal Joffe in her studio. (bron: The Telegraph)

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