21 augustus 2016

Sławomir Elsner: Studios

Sławomir Elsner: Studio (Edward Dwurnik), 2015.

Sławomir Elsner: Studio (Paweł Althamer), 2009.

Sławomir Elsner: Studio (Wilhelm Sasnal), 2014.

"Elsner bases his drawings on photographs of studio interiors belon­ging to fellow artists (Althamer, Buj­now­ski, Dwur­nik, Kulik, Kwade, Maciejow­ski, Sasnal). The images depict frag­ments of these spaces, arbitrarily framed, demon­strating more about Elsner than the artist or the space he’s por­traying. His drawings are devoid of people, depic­ting the par­tial interiors, frag­ments of works and numerous objects that add up to build an intimate sort of setup." (bron: Raster Gallery)

> Edward Dwurnik

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