30 augustus 2016

Christopher Le Brun #5

Christopher Le Brun in his studio, 1986.

" This was taken at my studio in Peckham, south London. I had built this freestanding wall in the middle of the room and spent most of my time up a ladder because the paintings I was working on were so big. There was a lot of standing back, yards and yards away, for perspective.

The painting here was the result of the printing I’d previously been doing in Santa Barbara – I would make a few visits every few years to make monotypes, a type of print whereby you paint directly on to a plate for a unique proof. We worked in an old orange warehouse and looking out of the bay windows one way you could see the mountains and in the other direction was the ocean. There was a gymnasium in which the son of the printer, Garner Tullis, would work out. When I arrived, weedy and pale from London, he said to me, ‘We like to go for a run in the morning and then we work with a trainer, but it’s nothing at all to worry about.’ I told him I had no kit, thinking that would get me out of it, but they bought me trainers and a tracksuit. I ended up running, swimming, working out and doing weights for a week. When I got back to Peckham I had a massive appetite, my personality was starting to change, and I was completely out of my environment in London.
...." (bron: The Telegraph)

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