vrijdag, april 29, 2016

Franz West #3

Franz West's studio.

I often come to your studio and when you are painting your sculptures I have the impression that there are in fact a few rules you follow. If possible, not to concentrate, in other words to find processes where one is unconcentrated, where you disturb yourself or let yourself be disturbed. No composition, because the objects are constantly being turned as you paint so that an overview is impossible. While the moment of concentration, the growth of a composition is central for many artists, in your case it is rather the opposite.

For me it works like this: the less concentrated the better. I can do almost nothing if I want to do it with my will … and that has taken me years. When I imagine a form or a colour on a sculpture, and then realise it, the whole thing turns out badly. I have to have some paint on my brush and then paint somewhere with the brush, and then something comes out of it. In other words, turning ideas into reality, one to one, doesn’t work for me.
...." (bron: Spike Art Daily)

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