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Antonio Canova #2

Francesco Chiarottini: Lo Studio di Canova in via San giacomo a Roma, 1786.

" Two studios of Antonio Canova in Rome are located in the so-called area of 'Il Tridente', including via del Babbuino and off via del Corso, very close together. 'Il Tridente' extends from Piazza del Popolo through three long streets which grow as a trident. This area was the life of the art workshops, artist studios and accommodation of painters and sculptors in Rome during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
On the way, on al Corso, 52-54, there was the workshop of his formatore (mould maker) Vincenzo Malpieri and his sons. Today at the Malpieri's workshop instead the wonderful smells of plaster casts that have made famous this dynasty of mould makers there is a chaotic bar and you can not do more than take an espresso among the tourists feeling like an idiot.
The studio is located in via delle Colonnette at the corner with via Canova. The exterior wall is unmistakable with many fragments of marble Roman inserted in the walls. Unfortunately, the carelessness of recent years has allowed many of them have been stolen to adorn some rich interiors in the same area.

Recently the external facades and the marble fragments have been finally restored and the walls painted in a light color but they have not been able to preserve its romantic character. Large windows let the light pass from the north-east.

Some commemorative inscriptions and a bronze copy of his self-portrait bust retain the worthy memory."

" The other studio is located in via del Babuino, 150 very close the first one. It is known as Canova-Tadolini because Antonio Canova left it to his pupil Adamo Tadolini in 1818. Until 1967, the studio has remained in the possession of four generations of the Tadolini family.
Today it is a museum also occupied by a Caffè... It's an outstanding example of sculptor's studio with three large skylight open to the north. The interior is just as amazing experience with many plaster casts that fill the spaces. Move among the tables of tourists who eat a dessert is not the best thing for a place like this but the visit is very fascinating."

Koffie drinken in het atelier van Antonio Canova. (bron: Kaat blogt)

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