vrijdag, oktober 16, 2015

Rachel Feinstein #2

"The bright, white Tribeca space of Rachel Feinstein’s studio is clean and organized, packed with books, notes, and massive sculptures. There’s also a puppy that jumps onto Feinstein’s lap and contentedly passes out. “This is Mr. Green Jeans,” she introduces.
Regarding her process, she says, “I do the drawing, then I scan the drawing before I cut it up, then I end up just free-floating the making of these things in three-dimensional. The problem with that is, as I’m making them, I’ll make up new pieces that aren’t in the drawings, so it’s a little bit confusing, because then I have to go back and rescan all the [new] pieces.”

To make Folly’s sculptures, Feinstein worked with a fabricator whose team used the Rhinoceros 3D software program to build the structures architecturally after the various pieces had been cut. “So then the fabricator literally has to just put it together. It’s basically being built like a real house would be built,” she says. “It’s a whole new way of doing it. It’s the first time I’ve ever done it this way.”

Feinstein is hyper-focused on each and every step, and her approach to her work (after she’s developed the broad strokes of a concept or piece) is extremely detail-oriented.
...." (bron: NUVO, tekst: Simona Rabinovitch, foto's: Christopher Sturman)

(bron: foliocue)

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