dinsdag, oktober 06, 2015

Sara Cwynar #2

Sara Cwynar photographed in her studio, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, July 30, 2015.

“Some wax I’ve been melting into cartoony blobs for making photos with, I build these palettes out of them and then apply them to photographs.”

“I use this green felt to get a really nice grey in black-and-white photographs. And I’ve been making pictures of soft flocked jewelry boxes that I collect from eBay. I love the way the boxes age and show use much more than the intended object (the jewelry) that they contained. They also are much more stylized so they date more to certain times.”

“Some laser prints that I will make still lifes on top of and then rephotograph for use in other pictures.”

“I have been sourcing these Avon presidential cologne bottles from eBay. They’re really interesting in that the values of them fluctuate very drastically based on the seller, and the heads are plastic while the bodies are ceramic so the two parts discolor differently over time. I also just like the idealism of this particular commercial object.”

“I’m always collecting postcards of the Twin Towers. I buy one every few days from eBay.”

“This is what my studio floor always looks like.”

“I use this thing to scrape off the wax blobs once I make them.”

“Some source images of carpets that I’m using for an upcoming show at Retrospective in Hudson.”

“Some velvet busts, a toucan statue that I’ve had for years, a trade manual image of nail polish that I hope to figure out how to use.”

“Big printouts of the small carpet pictures on the studio floor. Trying to figure out what to do with these.”

“More of what my studio always looks like! I’ll just pull things out of here and use them.” (bron: ArtNews, foto's: Katherine McMahon)

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