vrijdag, oktober 09, 2015

Laurie Simmons

Laurie Sommons' studio, Cornwall, NW Connecticut.

Laurie Simmons’ studio is filled with many windows and amazing light. It is on the second floor of their newly renovated home that was formerly a school. Simmons, who is known for her photographs, just finished making a movie. In her studio she created a closet filled with clothes and shoes that she used for that film. Their home was such a warm and inviting environment, we didn’t want to leave!
...." (bron: Art Privée)

(bron: Architectural Digest)

"New York artist and photographer Simmons (pictured here with one of her dolls) has staged domestic scenes with life-size dummies in her work since the 1970s. She is married to the artist Carroll Dunham and is mother to two girls: the TV star Lena Dunham and her sister, Grace. The couple live in the village of Cornwall, Connecticut and work in rooms there, as well as in independent studios in New York City." (bron: BBC)

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