woensdag, maart 20, 2013

Frank Stella #3

Frank Stella in his studio before a Black Painting, New York, 1959. (bron: Specific Object, foto: Hollis Frampton)

Frank Stella in zijn atelier.

"If you are looking for clues to the character of Frank Stella, the Formula One racing car parked inside his vast studio in upstate New York is a giveaway. 'Ferrari gave that to me,' the American abstract artist tells me nonchalantly, hooking a Cuban cigar from an ashtray beside him. 'It did race, but it doesn't have a motor now, so it's just for show.'
Before long, Stella was sharing a loft studio on West Broadway with the sculptor Carl Andre and the photographer Hollis Frampton. When money was tight, the three of them subsisted on peppered soup. 'The artists stuck together quite a bit,' Stella says. 'There was a fair amount of social activity – you went to bars because your loft was so cold and the bar stayed open until 4am. I'd drink through the night and then go home and sleep. But, you know, all I really remember is the part about working – about what I was making.' " Bron: The Telegraph, tekst: Alastair Sooke, foto: Jason Schmidt)

Meer in een groot artikel/interview in TT. (hk)

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