dinsdag, maart 19, 2013

Alex Katz #2

Alex Katz’s SoHo Loft, NYC, 2012.

"The poured-acrylic floor is vaguely evocative of a 1970s basement rec room. The furniture—what there is of it—looks haute thrift shop: a minimalist leather sofa teamed with another of ornately carved wood with velvet upholstery. The telephones are not only corded, they’re rotary. The quirkiness is anything but a retro pose, however; Alex Katz has been living and working in this cavernous top-floor loft in the heart of SoHo since 1968, when, he says with wistful affection, “it really was an industrial slum.” Not that Katz didn’t fix up the place. The original floor oozed oil, a vestige of the loft’s earlier incarnation as a machine shop, so he installed the speckled acrylic. He also concealed the electrical wiring and cut skylights into the ceiling to welcome more of the city’s light. All in all, the space still turned out to be a steal. “I paid for this place what one month’s rent would be now,” he says with satisfaction." (bron: Architectural Digest, tekst: Julie L. Belcove, foto's: Todd Eberle)

Meer tekst en foto's in AD. (hk)

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