07 november 2019

Edward Krasinski #2

Edward Krasinski's studio, Warsaw, Poland, now the Avant-Garde Institute.

"The studio, situated on the 11th floor of an apartment block in downtown Warsaw, discloses an unwritten history of local modernist tendencies that blurs the binary oppositions between private and public, history and memory, exterior and interior, illusion and reality. From the 70s on, the polish artists Henryk Stazewski and Edward Krasinski shared the studio. After Edward Krasinski’s death in 2004, the Foksal Gallery Foundation decided to maintain the space almost unchanged, but alowed the design of an extension of the studio on the apartment’s terrace that would serve as a multifunctional pavilion, housing exhibitions and seminars, and serving as a studio for visiting artists.

Location: Warsaw, Year: 2007-2008, Program & size: 100m2 exhibition space, Client: FGF, Warsaw."
(bron: Goldsmith)

Edward Krasiński in his studio. (bron: Daily Art Magazine)

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