donderdag, november 07, 2019

Edward Krasinski

Edward Krasiński's studio, Warsaw, Poland. (bron: Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, foto: Aneta Grzeszykowska & Jan Smaga)

Edward Krasiński's studio.

"Edward Krasiński lived and worked from 1970 until his death in 2004, on the top floor of a socialist tower block on Solidarity Avenue/Aleja Solidarności, Warsaw. Krasiński first moved in as the lodger and friend of Henryk Stażewski, a leading figure in the Polish Avant-Garde movement, who had been given the expansive space by the increasingly culturally progressive communist state in 1962. Following Stażewski’s death in 1988, his works and belongings were removed, except for the dangling picture wires and shadows where works had once hung, leaving 120 square metres in which Krasiński began to make and install his own work. Much of Krasiński’s work after this time, was made in response to the history of the apartment and its previous owner with one of the most notable features being the blue taped line, stuck by Krasiński horizontally at the height of 130cm, ‘everywhere and on everything’. ‘I don’t know whether this is art’, he commented, ‘but it’s certainly scotch blue, width 19mm, length unknown’[1]
(bron: Flat Time House, foto's: Aneta Grzeszykowska & Jan Smaga)

Edward Krasinski in his studio. (bron: Flat Time House, foto's: Eustachy Kossakowski)

Edward Krasinski's Studio, 2012, film still. (bron: Fondazione Pastificio Cerere)

The apartment block at Aleja Solidarności 64 in Warsaw, now the Avant-Garde Institute.
(foto: Aneta Grzeszykowska & Jan Smaga)

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