10 oktober 2019

Pangolin Editions: Damien Hirst

"Founded in 1985, Pangolin Editions sculpture foundry casts and fabricates sculpture for many of the foremost sculptors of our time.

The wide range of work these artists have commissioned has given us an unrivalled opportunity to explore and develop the making of sculpture in all its diversity. By constantly questioning and researching both ancient and cutting-edge processes we have become world-renowned for our expertise in casting bronze, iron, aluminium and precious metals using lost wax, ceramic shell and sand-casting techniques, as well as our ground-breaking range of surface treatments, patinas and finishes."

Damien Hirst's "The Miraculous Journey".

"Three intense years in the making from maquette to site; the sculptures were enlarged, cast and constructed from over 500 bronze panels.

Weighing a staggering 216 tons altogether, the bronze panels were stitched together with an overall 19 kilometre long weld.

Too large to transport in one piece a 15 strong team were sent out to Qatar over a period of two years to assemble and finish each element."
(bron: Pangolin Editions)

Damien Hirst: The Miraculous Journey, 2013. (bron: what to doha)

Meer foto's van The Miraculous Journey bij wtd. (hk)

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