11 oktober 2019

Karl Bielik

Karl Bielik in his London studio, 2013.

Studio view with Tumble, 2013. (bron: Structure and Imagery)

Zie SaI ook voor de ontstaansgeschiedenis van "Tumble" (hk).

Karl Bielik in his studio, 2018.

Works in progress at Karl Bielik’s Studio.

My studio practice is process driven… it usually involves a few different ways of approaching works and not just a variation on the same theme – this does happen in my work but not in a straight line… I’ll revisit themes/ideas that i felt worked months or years later.

Surprises do occur and chance/accident play a role in what I do… it’s just recognising and keeping the good bits… letting them breathe for a while to see if that initial excitement and what is happening stays or fades by the next day… I work on many pieces at once so I’ll just move on to another piece whilst the painting makes up its mind. I am in the studio daily and keep prodding the works along on their journey that has no particular destination in mind.
(bron: Jackson's)

Selecting 45 small paintings made over the last 10 years for a show, 2018. (bron: Karl Bielik | Twitter)

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