29 maart 2018

Erik de Bree

New studio, 2008.

New studio, IJmuiden, 2009.

"I finally have a new studio. It is light, warm dry, and has lots of space. The inconvenience of not having a studio becomes so very clear the moment you have one. Based in ijmuiden at the border of the harbor, it is a place of great concentration far away from distraction and disturbance."

New studio, Haarlem, 2010.

"I moved into another studio. Again. But this one will stay for a while. It is a great space in the city where i live, situated on the water."

Studio view, 2011.

Studio, 2012. (bron: Erik de Bree | blogspot)

Atelier van Erik de Bree, Haarlem, 2014(?). (bron: Van Vlissingen Art Foundation)

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