dinsdag, maart 13, 2018

Jonathan Meese #3

Atelier van Jonathan Meese, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlijn, 2017.

Overall, the room looks like the professional warehouse of a museum. Horizontal and vertical storage racks organize the numerous paintings that will evidently be sent away shortly. We go further into the huge hall of the studio, which radiates classical loft flair.

I do not know where to look first… The art works are placed leaning against the wall from where they attract me magically. The brand new art works. Here, there are also mainly large formats. They scream their presence to me in a colourful, loud and funny, cruel and fierce manner. In front of them, on the ground, new untouched canvases lie, ready for their first colour-shower, which will soon be sprayed on them.
My eyes continues to wander through the room. Crammed bookshelves can be seen, with colourful materials in an almost infinite variety … However, in spite of all the frenzy and absurd trash, it is noticeable that the studio space itself is organized, orderly, and almost too clean. The colour tubes that are currently not used, lie on the shelf, labeled and sorted; the other colours are placed on tables and pallets for use, depending on the material.
(bron: Atelierbesuche)

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