04 april 2024

Frida Kahlo #8

A tomb in the form of a pyramid is the focal point of the garden at Frida Kahlo’s residence and studio, Casa Azul, or Blue House now the Frida Kahlo Museum.

"The Frida Kahlo Museum, also known as Casa Azul or the Blue House for its cobalt blue walls, was Kahlo’s birthplace and childhood home. She later lived there with Rivera for several years during their marriage. It opened as a museum in 1958 and is maintained to look as it would have in the 1950s.
Kahlo lived on and off in another blue house in the southern neighborhood of San Angel, a smaller structure connected by a walkway bridge to a white and pink house-studio once occupied by Rivera.
The couple lived there beginning in 1934. The buildings designed by painter and architect Juan O’Gorman are surrounded by tall cacti and located a block from the San Angel Inn, a popular restaurant. Huge papier-mache skeleton and Judas figures populate Rivera’s sunlight-flooded studio. Located at Avenida Altavista and Diego Rivera, Colonia San Angel Inn."
(bron: Live Auctioneers)

Zie ook de post van 19 oktober 2017 voor de recreatie in de New York Botanical Garden in 2015 (hk).

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