08 februari 2024

Frank Bowling #2

Frank Bowling in his studio in South London. (bron: Ọfọdunka, foto: David Levene)

From left to right: Frank Bowling's grandson Samson Sahmland-Bowling, Frank Bowling, his step-daughter Marcia Scott an his son Ben Bowling, 2021(?).

Heaters in the studio drying the layers of paint and other materials. (bron: The New York Times, foto's: Suzanne Plunkett)

Frank Bowling, in his London studio. (foto: Jill Mead)

Frank Bowling's studio. 2023(?). (bron: The New York Times Style Magazine, foto's: Andrea Urbez)

Frank Bowling's London studio. (bron: Plus Magazine, foto's: Toby Coulson)

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